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  1. The weight of a ship when empty; i.e, the weight of an oil tanker without barrels of oil.
  2. A useless, usually encumbering factor.


  1. In the context of "sports|billiards|snooker|pool": Describes a shot with exact, precise pace to leave the balls in the perfect position. Usually just touching a cushion or very close to another ball.

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The term deadweight may refer to:
  • The economics concept deadweight loss.
  • Deadweight tonnage is an expression of a ship's carrying capacity, including the weight of the crew, passengers, cargo, fuel, ballast, drinking water, and stores.
  • Deadweight (song), a song by Beck from the A Life Less Ordinary Soundtrack
  • The extra weight on a machine part that lowers its performance when not in use. For example, the main engine on a rocket becomes dead weight when the propellant is used up. For this reason, multi-stages rockets eject engines after they have been utilised to reduce the dead weight. However, the later stages of the rocket are initially deadweight in the early stages of launch.
  • Deadweight (U.S. band), the alternative hard rock trio consisting of electric violin, electric cello and drum kit from San Francisco Bay Area, California
  • The death metal band from Stourbridge, UK
  • The supposed weight gain of a body after death.
  • The meaning of a deep unrelieved burden.

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